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Polyethylene Applications

Polyethylene is used in an extraordinary number of applications. With so many potential end users, the demand for polyethylene has steadily increased for decades and shows no sign of stopping.

Our MarTECH™ loop slurry process offers one of the widest ranges of polyethylene products available. Licensees can quickly go from producing one product to another in just a few hours, with little “wide spec” transition material. This gives licensees enormous versatility to manufacture numerous products for various markets.

Industry-leading products with excellent melt strength, processability, and environmental stress-crack resistance to stiffness ratio.

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Resins with excellent stiffness and good flow properties. View Products
High-strength resins, including bimodal PE 100 resins, ideal for industrial applications where crack resistance is critical. View Products
A wide range of resins, including bimodal HMW films, for a variety of applications including high clarity and strength, excellent processability, low gas and low moisture permeability. View Products

Sheet extrusion is a technique for making flat plastic sheets from a variety of resins.

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Rotational molding is a high-temperature, low-pressure process used to form hollow parts through the application of heat to biaxially-rotated molds.

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