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Car Location Message (CLM) Event Sighting Codes




A Arrival at an In-transit  Equipment has arrived at an in-transit railroad location other than the destination.
B Bad Orders Equipment has been reported or received defective at location shown.
D Arrival at Destination Arrival at rail destination.
G Bad Order Release Equipment reported released from bad order status and returned to service.
H Car Delayed or Held Equipment delayed or held. See NITL expanded car delay reporting. 
J Junction Delivery Delivery from one railroad to another railroad with no intervening highway move. (This code should be followed by an R sighting code).
N No Bill Equipment is No Bill at location shown.
P Departure Equipment has departed from an in-transit railroad location other than the destination.
Q Begin Trip SAP generated site code indicating shipment has been created.
R Junction Received Equipment received by one railroad from another with no intervening highway move. (This should be preceded by a J sighting code).
S Storage Equipment is being stored.
W Released Equipment released by patron at date/time/location shown.
X Pull Car pulled from patron siding at date/time/location shown.
Y Constructive Placement/Notify Railroad notifies customer that railcar equipment is available for placement or that trailer or container is available for highway departure.
Z Actual Placement Equipment has been placed on the patron’s siding.

The above chart is a partial list of CLM Codes used specifically by CPChem. Codes which are not relevant to CP Chem’s rail operations have been removed.