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General Terms and Conditions of Sale

The terms and conditions for a given sale can be accessed based on the general product category and buyer’s “sold to” location. Note that the buyer’s “sold to” location is the buying entity address as listed on the buyer’s purchase order and CPChem’s purchase order acknowledgment, and this “sold to” location may differ from the delivery location or billing location.

CPChem reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions from time to time without notice. Thus, buyer should review the terms and conditions prior to any given sale. These terms and conditions do not supersede or otherwise modify (1) any written, signed contract between CPChem and buyer or (2) any different set of terms and conditions provided by CPChem to buyer for a given sale.

As used on this page, the term “Chevron Phillips Chemical” or “CPChem,” and such terms as “the company,” “our,” “its,” “we,” and “us” may refer to one or more of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC’s subsidiaries or affiliates. All of these terms are used for convenience only and are not intended as a precise description of any of the separate companies, each of which manages its own affairs.

If buyer’s “sold to” location is in the Americas region, or for purchases of catalysts (other than E-Series® Catalyst) or any other product category not listed, please contact your CPChem Sales Representative directly to determine the applicable terms and conditions.