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DriscoPlex® 4800

DriscoPlex® 4800 Series Industrial Pipe is manufactured from high quality mediumdensity polyethylene (MDPE) and conforms to ASTM F714.

DriscoPlex® 4800 is manufactured for longterm service for above and below ground industrial applications that benefit from higher abrasion resistance including mining tailing slurries and dredging applications.

  • Greater abrasion resistance than HDPE PE4710 pipe (See PP 844-TN Slurry Abrasion Resistance in PE Pipe)
  • Less stiffness and greater ductility aids in field handling/installation
  • Over 2% less weight than HDPE PE4710 pipe
  • >4 times resistance to slow crack growth compared to the PE4710 requirement
  • Same fusion parameters as PE4710 pipe and fittings

4800 series pipe is made with a single white stripe to signify pipe series. It may also be sold as solid black upon a special customer request.

Available sizing options can be found on Bulletin PP168 4800 Series Size and Dimension Sheets



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