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Overview & Key Issues

Sustainability key issues

CPChem has leveraged assessments conducted with internal and external stakeholders to identify key issues to our business.

In doing so, we hoped to accomplish several goals:

  • We wanted to gain insight into the social, environmental, governmental and regulatory issues facing the company.
  • We wanted to hear, collect and prioritize the sustainability concerns and expectations of everyone we interviewed.
  • We wanted to assess how our company allocates resources to ensure our approach was effective and impactful.
  • And we wanted ensure we met international best practices in corporate sustainability reporting.

In 2014, we conducted our first issue assessment which led to the formation of our seven Sustainability Focal Points. In 2018, we leveraged online tools to reaffirm our initial issue assessment and we plan to conduct another issue assessment in the near future. Although our key issues have remained consistent, the importance to our stakeholders did change. This assessment process has also highlighted many challenge areas for us as a company that we must address 
to achieve sustainable growth, including fresh water use and the diversity of our talent pipeline.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our stakeholders are important to us and our company’s sustainability efforts.

We identify our stakeholders as employees, communities, NGOs, governments, suppliers/customers and the industry trade sector. These stakeholders were identified carefully through internal meetings and the support of advisors. We leverage different platforms to engage with each stakeholder group to receive feedback on key issues as it pertains to our business.

Creating dialogue with our stakeholders has given us valuable insight into the social, environmental and governance issues that face our company and industry. We have leveraged the feedback from stakeholders to assess how the company is allocating resources to ensure the most effective and impactful sustainability performance.

Stakeholder Engagement


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