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Our success is not only measured through financial performance but also in monitoring and reducing the potential impacts of our products.

The products we develop and manufacture serve a myriad of beneficial purposes across a global platform and improve the lives of customers and consumers.

Our reputation within our company and our community, as well as among our partners and industry peers — translates to the value our customers attach to our products and services. We believe that conducting our business ethically and responsibly contributes to the worth of our products and brings prosperity to our company.

Integrity and Compliance

Our industry is carefully regulated, and meticulous compliance with every regulation is central to our reputation as a responsible company and industry leader. We expect our employees, contractors, suppliers and customers to hold us accountable, and to uphold the same ethical standards themselves.

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Code of Conduct

Our core values — safety, respect, integrity and drive — are embedded in our Code of Conduct, which establishes standards for ethical behavior and compliance with the laws and regulations that govern our operations. All employees are required to complete annual training on our Code of Conduct and are expected to report any concerns to our 24/7 ethics and compliance hotline.

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Ethics and Compliance Program

The Ethics and Compliance (E&C) Office continuously improves our policies, practices and training in response to the constant changes in our industry’s regulatory and compliance landscape. They investigate suspected violations of company policies or industry regulations, and they coordinate appropriate corrective actions. The E&C program extends throughout our organization, across every location, at every level of the company.