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PolarPipe® White-Shell PE Pipe

Polar Pipe

PolarPipe® White-Shell polyethylene (PE) pipe (US Patent Pending) is produced with a white shell that is simultaneously co-extruded with the core PE pipe. PolarPipe® PE pipe is designed for above-ground applications, where piping is subject to demanding fluctuations in temperature.

PolarPipe® PE pipe is intended to serve these markets: mining, tailings & slurries, oil & gas producing applications and other above-ground industrial applications. The white shell minimizes solar radiation absorption, providing some key benefits.


  • On a 95° sunny day in NC, a customer reportedly measured a 30°F temperature difference on empty PolarPipe vs black HDPE pipe.
  • Available in sizes 4” – 24” DIPS
  • Reduced expansion and contraction
  • Reduced abrasion due to less ‘snaking’
  • High flexibility and resistance to crack propagation