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Drilling Specialties Resources

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Resources for Drilling Specialties are listed below.

ISO Certifications

Acronym Glossary

API American Petroleum Institute
BHCT bottom hole circulating temperature
BWOC by weight of cement
CF chrome-free
CI corrosion inhibitor
CM continuous mix
CMC carboxymethyl cellulose
CPChem Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
CX crosslinker
DSCo Drilling Specialties Company LLC
DSGA Drilling Specialties gelled acid
FL fluid-loss
FLA fluid loss additive
HE hostile environment
HEC hydroxyethyl cellulose
HMTA hexamethylenetetraamine
HTHP high temperature / high pressure
HTP high-temperature polymer
HTR high-temperature retarder
LCM lost circulation material
LPM loss prevention material
LTP low-temperature polymer
LTR low-temperature retarder
NES non-emulsifying surfactant
PAC polyanionic cellulose
PV plastic viscosity
RPM rheological profile modifier
SBG Surfactant™ Schmoo-B-Gone Surfactant®
SRB sulfate-reducing bacteria
TD total depth
WBS water-based spacer
XL crosslinker
YP yield point