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Tribex™ ERD Additive

Tribex ERD

Tribex™ ERD Additive is a multifunctional, multipurpose, solid-state lubricant that functions in both aqueous and non-aqueous formulations. Tribex™ ERD Additive exhibits very stable suspension properties and creates a stable lubricating film that minimizes contact between the formation and drilling assembly in critical Extended Reach Drilling applications.


  • Reduce coefficient of friction (COF) through the development of a tribofilm
  • Improve boundary condition friction
  • Reduce stick-slip
  • Improve directional sliding efficiency
  • Prevent/minimize wear on drilling assembly
  • Efficiently transport cuttings away from the bit face (low gravity solids)
  • Minimizes heat stress due to friction
  • Extended sealing capacity (secondary function)
  • Wellbore stability
  • Reduce well path tortuosity
  • Reduced torque variations
  • Efficient weight transfer to the bit in ERD applications
  • Reduced Pickup and Slack off weights
  • Improve Mechanical Specific Energy