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DRILL-SURE™ OBM Additive is a multipurpose oil mud conditioner that provides high temperature/high pressure (HTHP) fluid loss control, reduced torque and drag and borehole stabilization in oil-based drilling fluids including diesel, mineral and synthetic oils.

DRILL-SURE™ OBM Additive is a 100% active dry product that may be mixed at the mud plant or rig site through a standard mud hopper. DRILL-SURE™ OBM Additive may be mixed into a new oil mud without the effects of thinning or reductions in electrical stability (ES). DRILL-SURE™ OBM Additive is a stand-alone product but is compatible with other fluid loss additives.


  • Typical treatment concentrations range from 1.0 – 4.0 ppb for HTHP filtrate control to ≥149 °C (300 °F); for temperatures above 149 °C (300 °F) higher concentrations may be needed
  • Does not appreciably thin the drilling fluid
  • Produces nice thin, tough filter cakes and reduces slip stick tendencies
  • Reduces torque and drag effects of most oil muds
  • Acts as a shale stabilizer
  • Good thermal stability to provides total HTHP fluid loss control without the need for other additives such as Gilsonite®, amine treated lignite or polymeric fluid loss additives
  • Works in oil muds of any density
  • Does not reduce the ES of the mud
  • Mixes easily at the mud plant or on the drilling rig through a standard mud hopper no high shear mixing required
  • Is compatible with most other commonly used drilling mud additives
  • Does not need to be pre-wet before mixing
  • No need to bypass shale shakers or flowline cleaners when adding this product to the system



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