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Liquid HEC Polymer

Drilling Specialties’ Liquid HEC Polymer is a pure high viscosity hydroxyethyl cellulosic polymer suspended in an ultra-clean mineral oil. Liquid HEC Polymer contains 40% by weight high-quality HEC product.

Drilling Specialties’ 40% active Liquid HEC polymer will not experience the separation which is evident in other liquid products. It does not settle or experience oil separation. Starting with a fine-grade mineral oil and utilizing our unique suspension technology, we eliminated settling of the pure HEC polymer solids while the product remains fully pourable. This allows for efficient quick mixes and sweeps without the need for elaborate and expensive mixing equipment. Also, more accurate metering of active products results in improved fluid performance down hole.

Product Stability

Drilling specialties Liquid HEC Polymer is made from the Drilling Specialties suspension Technology. This technology is well known for the quality and stability of suspension products it produces. By preventing polymer settling and oil separation, the technology assures trouble-free storage, transport and mixing – all essential to cost-efficient and successful operations. Drilling Specialties Liquid HEC Polymer was one of the first, and remains one of the most effective, of the Drilling Specialties products made with this dependable technology.


  • Easy to handle and mixes well in low shear rate environments
  • Works well at any salinity
  • Increases carrying capacity of fluid
  • May be poured down drill pipe
  • No “fisheyes”
  • Extremely stable suspension
  • Highly effective viscosifier
  • No preservative needed


In a typical field application, Liquid HEC Polymer is rapidly mixed through conventional rig mixing equipment. Complete hydration and viscosity development occur quickly and without the formation of fish eyes. In most cases, no shear mixing is needed to produce thorough dispersion and homogeneous mixtures – critical characteristics of both drilling and completion fluids exposed to the producing reservoir.