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Liquid Flowzan® Biopolymer is a high-purity xanthan gum biopolymer suspended in an ultra-clean mineral oil. This type of polymer is unique when compared to most other polymers in oilfield drilling and completion applications. Xanthan gums are well known for their ability to provide extremely low-solids fluids with excellent carrying and suspending characteristics. This is due to their “shear thinning properties. Fluids thickened with Liquid Flowzan® Biopolymer have a tendency to thin at higher velocities and thicken at lower velocities.

Drilling Specialties’ 50% active Liquid Flowzan® Biopolymer will not experience the separation, evident in other suspension products. It is not subject to Particle settling or fluid separation under normal storage or transport conditions. Starting with an environmentally friendly fluid and utilizing our unique suspension technology, we eliminate settling of the Flowzan® Biopolymer particles while the product remains fully pourable. The long-term stability of the suspension provides for consistent, reliable product properties at your field locations any place in the world. Liquid Flowzan® Biopolymer has seen successful application in both warm climates, like the Gulf of Mexico and the Middle East, and in cold climates, like the North Sea and Alaska.

Packaging the Flowzan® Biopolymer as a liquid suspension allows for accurate metering, and provides complete dispersion of the particles in your treating fluids before hydration begins. This quality eliminates problems of polymer lumping and incomplete viscosity development, even when facing adverse field mixing conditions.


  • Easy to handle and mixes well in low shear environments
  • Extremely stable suspension provides reliable properties
  • Freeze/thaw cycle does not affect stability or performance of the product
  • Optimized bit hydraulics resulting in higher penetration rates
  • Reduces circulating pressure losses
  • Improves hole cleaning with lower bentonite concentrations
  • Minimal drilled solids settling under static conditions
  • Performs well in fresh water, sea water, brine and saturated salt environments
  • Rapid dispersion without “fisheyes”
  • Reduces clean up time
  • Excellent viscosifier – requires less material than other types of rheology modifiers
  • Excellent friction reduction in coil tubing applications
  • Stable thickener for 15% HCl at temperatures below 150 °F