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Read about some of the latest developments within our company and our industry.


Our Technical Service Centers help both internal and external customers develop products designed to make life safer, more convenient, and healthier.


Around the house with Chevron Phillips Chemical


Chemicals have an essential role in the packaging industry. See how our products are Advancing Formulas for Packaging.


Products manufactured by Chevron Phillips Chemical Company help keep the automotive industry rolling.


Chevron Phillips Chemical's products help keep farms productive and grocery shelves stocked.


What words do you associate with the medical industry Doctor's offices, hospitals, nurses, bandages, surgery, diagnosis, and Chemistry.


Our loop slurry technology is the premier choice around the globe for polyethylene polymerization.


By creating a worldwide culture devoted to workplace safety, Chevron Phillips Chemical has vastly improved its safety record.


Most industry experts predict a chemical industry peak, perhaps as early as the end of 2005.

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC and the Saudi Industrial Investment Group (SIIG) have received approval to proceed with a major new investment at their existing aromatics complex in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

World’s Largest Single Loop Reactor Commissioned in Texas