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Where It's Made

Chevron Phillips Chemical produces ethylene at its Cedar Bayou, Sweeny, and Port Arthur, Texas, facilities.

How It's Made

Ethylene is mainly produced through the steam cracking (steam pyrolysis) of hydrocarbon feedstocks. Feedstocks used for steam cracking range from ethane to naphtha and gas oils. Some ethylene is also produced as a byproduct of petroleum refining.

How It's Transported

The ethylene is stored in large underground caverns and transported to customers through a pipeline system. Ethylene is also transported to customers internationally via fully refrigerated ships.

What It's Used For

Ethylene is the primary building block for many of the plastics we use every day. Ethylene is used to produce polyethylene plastics, from which items such as trash bags and milk jugs are made. Ethylene is also used in other plastics such as polystyrene, polyester and acrylics, and it is the main ingredient in ethylene glycol antifreeze.


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