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DIACEL® ATF Liquid Cement Antifoam Additive

Diacel® ATF Liquid Cement Antifoam Additive is an antifoaming agent for cement slurries, and it is compatible with all commonly used cement additives.

Diacel® ATF Liquid Cement Antifoam Additive should be added to all cement slurries for the prevention of air entrapment in the slurry during mixing. Air entrapment can result in several mixing problems. In extreme cases of air entrapment, transfer pump cavitation may occur. More commonly, air entrapment will cause the slurry density to appear lower than desired when determined by common density-measuring devices. If the actual slurry density is increased to account for the apparent deficit, negative effects occur. These effects include an increase in the slurry viscosity, reduction in the slurry volume, and reduction of the thickening time.

Application Areas

  • All API classes of cement
  • Freshwater, saltwater, or seawater slurries