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Normal Alpha Olefins

Normal Alpha Olefins

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Versatile Building Blocks

We supply consistent, high-quality AlphaPlus® Normal Alpha Olefins (NAOs) to customers all over the world. NAOs have highly accessible terminal double bonds that make them ideal for a wide variety of manufacturing applications. NAOs and their derivatives are used extensively as polyethylene comonomers, plasticizers, synthetic motor oils, lubricants, automotive additives, surfactants, paper sizing and in a wide range of specialty applications. As major petrochemical building blocks, their use in developing new chemical products is virtually unlimited.

Normal Alpha Olefins Applications

Chevron Phillips Chemical normal alpha olefin (NAO) additives include plasticizer alcohols, alkenyl succinic anhydrides, and polyvinylchloride lubricants and stabilizers.
Chevron Phillips Chemical polyethylene copolymers and other homopolymers and copolymers have long-term mechanical properties that are ideal for many engineering applications.
Chevron Phillips Chemical normal alpha olefins (NAOs) are employed in a wide range of materials, from epoxy resins and polyurethanes to mercaptans, candle wax, flavors and fragrances.
Chevron Phillips Chemical normal alpha olefins (NAOs) are employed in a variety of surfactant applications including dishwashing liquids, laundry detergents, hand soaps, cosmetics and more.
Chevron Phillips Chemical normal alpha olefins (NAOs) are ideal for producing polyol esters, alkyl aromatics, and Polyalphaolefins used in a range of synthetic fluids, lubricants, and lubricant additives.
Chevron Phillips Chemical synthetic waxes have a wide range of applications from oilfield chemicals and PVC lubricants to candles and personal care products.