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As a chemical company, we are acutely conscious of our responsibility to protect and preserve our environment.

We have pioneered industry-leading efforts to improve resource efficiency and operational excellence, and we continually strive to make our processes cleaner and more sustainable.

Resource Efficiency

Using resources efficiently is a vitally important part of our environmental stewardship, but it’s also good business. We continually search for new ways to improve operational efficiency and minimize our environmental footprint by reducing our consumption of energy, water and raw materials.


We track and work to reduce the emissions generated through the lifecycle of our products. This includes the sourcing and transportation of raw materials, generation during production, transportation to direct customers and the use of the products through the renewal or end of their life.

Pellet Management

Plastics have an important role in a sustainable future, but plastic pellets, powder, and flakes lost to the environment remain a critical concern. Spilled pellets can end up in waterways and eventually the oceans, where they pose a hazard to marine life. We take careful steps to ensure that these materials do not escape our control, including closed loading systems, sealed containers, properly designed drainage systems with sieves and screens, procedures for rapid spill response and cleanup, and more.

Operation Clean Sweep Blue (OCS Blue)

Operation Clean Sweep Blue (OCS Blue) is deeply embedded in our company consciousness and operations, and has been from the beginning. A product stewardship program of the American Chemistry Council’s Plastics Division and Plastics Industry Association, OCS Blue focuses on achieving zero pellet and flake loss to the environment through retention infrastructure, process improvements, and recovery and recycling efforts. Watch the video.