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Our Position on REACH

The REACH (Registration Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) Regulation (1907/2006/EC) requires that EU-based manufacturers and EU based importers of chemical substances register their substances with the new European Chemical Agency (ECHA) by deadlines established according to the volume and hazardous classification of the substances.  Information on the REACH Regulation can be found on the ECHA website.

Chevron Phillips Chemical is committed to meeting its obligations under the REACH Regulation and is taking the necessary measures to continue its commercial interests in the European Union (EU) as appropriate.


Chevron Phillips Chemical and its affiliates pre-registered in 2008 all substances it imported and manufactured in the EU. Chevron Phillips Chemicals International N.V. (CPCI), has been appointed as the legal entity acting as an Only Representative to all the entities located outside Europe.


CPCI has initiated Consortia efforts for most of its substances subject to REACH.  Use and Exposure data was gathered in-house and from downstream users in order to be included in the registration dossiers. Chevron Phillips Chemical and its affiliates have a portfolio of 182 registrations to be submitted to ECHA. The substances for the First REgistration (2010) and Second REgistration (2013) were successfully registered. Chevron Phillips Chemical Company is ensuring that all substances required by the Third Registration deadline will be registered before May 31, 2018.