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Q&A with Drilling Specialties Company on Mud Schools

Drilling Specialties Company. Quality: Your products should set you apart from your competitors.

Quality: your products should set you apart from your competitors

We recently sat down with Area Sales Manager (UK, North Sea, Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa), Daniel Hadden, from Drilling Specialties Company, a division of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP(Drilling Specialties Company) , to explore the age-old debate of quality versus value. As more and more competitors hit the market, there seems to be a flood of similar products out there to choose from, but how does a company maintain quality AND value while keeping pace, and surpassing their competitors Plus, how does a consumer make the best decision on their purchase
There is a lot of hype surrounding quality versus value.  What should consumers look for when purchasing a product  Quality or value or can they both exist in a product
Quality and value can both exist in a product - a quality product will add value to your operation. Value should really be looked at by the performance of the product not the unit price for the product. In a price-pressured environment this concept can sometimes be missed and lead to unexpected additional costs. The saying still rings true, "Buy cheap, pay dear."  As a consumer it is best to take a big-picture look at a product and determine what is the best quality and value for your needs and make your decision from there.  The cheapest product is not always the best product for a myriad of reasons.
What sets a "quality" product apart from the others
A quality product can be relied upon and it will work where and when you need it. These attributes are particularly important in our industry where the rig-site is likely to be remote, in harsh environments, and demand on the product performance is critically high. Quality is what we base our reputation on at Drilling Specialties Company, always delivering high quality products to exceed the demands of our customers and the industry.
Quality and safety have a lot in common.  Should consumers be aware of the safety in quality products
Yes, a system is only as strong as its weakest component. When based on dependable, high quality products, the risks associated with safety can be better mitigated. The safety culture at Drilling Specialties Company is extremely strong and this filters all the way down to our products. None of our products has ever been offered to the drilling industry without passing rigorous tests and proving itself, not just in the laboratory but also in the field - where it counts the most.
Should consumers shop around for the best quality product - is it worth the time and research
Absolutely! A quality product will save time and money, and that is always the best choice. Making the right choice on dependable, quality products offers peace of mind to our customers, plain and simple. Check out the high performing, quality products that we base our 72- year reputation on, at our website at, and reach out to your local and world-wide Drilling Specialties Company representative for more information on our wide-range of products for your oilfield fluid needs.