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David Morgan Discusses Second Wave of Petrochemical Investments with BIC Magazine

David Morgan, Senior Vice President, Polymers and Specialties

Senior Vice President of Polymers and Specialties David Morgan spoke with BIC Magazine about the drivers behind the second wave of petrochemical investment. Following his keynote presentation at the 2018 Gulf Industry Forum, Morgan explained the record growth in the global middle class is ramping up demand for plastic products. In addition, he discussed how the unprecedented availability of feedstock from U.S. shale gas is contributing to what already are strong investment fundamentals. Morgan also highlighted the success of Chevron Phillips Chemical's U.S. Gulf Coast Petrochemicals Project and addressed industry trends around environmental sustainability.

"We are excited about the second wave. What enables this is the continued development and exploration of shale gas and energy, both oil and natural gas," Morgan told the publication. "There continues to be tremendous demand for chemicals, petrochemicals and polymers around the world - all of that driven by the growing middle class."

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