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Chevron Phillips Chemical Introduces New PAO Blending Matrix Tool


Synfluid® PAOs bring specific advantages that are a perfect fit for today's and tomorrow's engine oil needs. The low temperature, oxidative stability and low coefficient of friction performance properties of Synfluid® PAOs are well known. However, optimizing the many permutations for individual lubricant applications can present a laboratory challenge in time and resources.

With Chevron Phillips Chemical's new Synfluid® PAO Blending Matrix Tool, you can calculate a variety of properties from any PAO blend in a matter of seconds. Our experts developed this unique online tool to meet your application challenges and streamline future product development.
"How do you know your choice of components is the best given all of the options" said Ken Hope, PAO technical services manager. "This tool provides a way to assess each of these properties and helps minimize the number of blends that might be chosen for a formulation. In addition, eliminating wasted testing time keeps people from spending time on unnecessary blends."
"We're thrilled to offer this value-added solution to our customers," said Antoine Janssens, PAO business manager. "It will allow them to streamline their product development, save time and money and maximize their resources."

For more information, including how to access the tool, visit our PAO Applications page.