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Chevron Phillips Singapore Chemicals Joins Operation Clean Sweep®

On September 20, the Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC), announced their adoption of Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS). The goal of OCS is to support chemical companies across the plastics industry in implementing good housekeeping practices and achieving zero resin pellet, flake, and powder loss to the environment from their operations. Chevron Phillips Singapore Chemicals was instrumental in bringing this impressive sustainability program to Singapore, facilitating discussions between the American Chemistry Council and SCIC that would lead to the SCIC's adoption of OCS. This new commitment and the hard work of our Singapore team serve as great examples of the growing success of our company's sustainability initiatives.

"Chevron Phillips Chemical is proud of its sustainability programs that help to make our world a better place," said Sherry Ramphal, plant manager for Chevron Phillips Singapore Chemicals. "Joining Operation Clean Sweep® was an easy choice, because it showcases the dedication of our employees in Singapore in reducing pellet loss and reinforces our expanding sustainability efforts company-wide."
As part of the event, Chevron Phillips Singapore Chemicals employees joined members of industry, government, schools, and the community in a beach clean-up campaign organized by the SCIC. This special event was held in conjunction with the International Coastal Clean-up Day. The group directly contributed to keeping our oceans healthy by removing nearly 2,293 lbs. (1,040 kg) of trash from the beach and preventing waste from ending up in the water.
Dr. Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources attended the announcement event as the Guest of Honor. Also in attendance was Terence Koh, Executive Director of SCIC. "I am extremely heartened by the overwhelming response from our various stakeholders as we work together to better manage plastic waste. As we know, polymers are very versatile materials that have become indispensable in supporting modern day food, water and energy security. Our industry is working hard to enable more effective plastics after-use collection and recycling processes, enabling a zero-waste circular economy. As individuals and as a community, it is our joint responsibility to practice responsible use of plastics, as well as to recycle our plastic waste," said Koh.
Congratulations to our friends and colleagues in Singapore for their impressive beach clean-up and commendable work in bringing Operation Clean Sweep® to the region!