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New Contractors

Welcome to the onboarding website for new contractors at Chevron Phillips Chemical Sweeny/Old Ocean Facilities. As a Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star Site designated by OSHA, the Sweeny/Old Ocean Facilities has a comprehensive safety and health management system that is focused on continuous improvement. Companies in the Star Program have achieved injury and illness rates at or below the national average of their respective industries. As you embark on becoming a contractor at Chevron Phillips Chemical, you are part of our Journey to Zero.

Please note: The Contractor Onboarding Process is designed to prepare a contract employee for work on Chevron Phillips Chemical's Sweeny/Old Ocean site only after their contracted company has established a contract with Chevron Phillips Chemical AND is being asked to work on site. It is not to be used as an application to work as an employee for Chevron Phillips Chemical.

Follow these steps to work on site as a contractor employee:

Step 1

Visit to start the Drug and Alcohol Testing and Criminal Background Checks. Urine and hair follicle sampling shall be conducted for controlled substance analyses using the DISA standard drug panel (DCCHT w/Randoms); and the breath testing shall be used for alcohol. A contractor's employee and/or applicant with a background screening cut score of 02 or less will be approved for assignment at a Chevron Phillips Chemical work site. Click here for DISA's background grading scale. We only recognize DISA results.

Step 2

Next, all contractor employees must attend Basic Plus Training from the Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils. Basic Plus is the initial course for participants who are gearing up to work in the petrochemical industry. Pre-registration is required through a Safety Council. Safety Council has the required training codes for Chevron Phillips Chemical. The closest Safety Council to the Sweeny/Old Ocean Facilities is the Brazosport Safety Council in Freeport, TX. After completion of Basic Plus, the participant will receive a badge which is good for three years. Before expiration of the badge, participants must take the Basic Plus Refresher.

Step 3

Now that you have passed your drug and alcohol test, criminal background check and have completed the Basic Plus Training, you may register for Site-Specific Training Awareness Training. Remember to give required documents to your Chevron Phillips Chemical site rep. To register for Site-Specific Awareness Training, please complete the form on this site AND email Bruce Swift at @email. In the body of the email, include the contractor name, contract company and when the participant will be at the Site-Specific Awareness Training (training is currently offered Monday through Thursday at 7 a.m.).

Contractor Onboarding Frequently Asked Questions

The facilities are located at 21441 Loop 419 in Sweeny, TX. Click here for a map.

Contact your Chevron Phillips Chemical site rep for the applicable safety rules and procedures.
A badge will be issued once you pass a drug and alcohol test, criminal background check, Basic Plus Training and Site-Specific Training Awareness Training.

There is a variety of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals at the plant, many of which require specialized training. Contact your Chevron Phillips Chemical site rep for more information.

Steel-toed shoes, ear plugs, safety glasses, monogoggles, FRCs, hardhat, clean shaven as defined by no more than a 24-hour growth of beard. Mustaches are acceptable with no more than 1/2" horizontally or vertically past the corners of the mouth. Additional PPE requirements will be reviewed once onsite.

You must obtain the proper authorizations from your Chevron Phillips Chemical site rep. A placard with your company name will be required on both sides of your vehicle.
Smoking and e-cigarettes are permitted only in designated areas.
The Community Awareness Emergency Reponse (CAER) Line is available 24/7 for employees, contractors and the community. It is updated for non-emergency and emergency situations for Chevron Phillips Chemical and Phillips 66.

Chevron Phillips Chemical provides and Ethics & Compliance Hotline for actual and potential wrongdoing, including violations of legal, regulation, policy, procedure, or the Code of Conduct. The phone number is +1-800-356-2590.