Diversity & Inclusion

At Chevron Phillips Chemical, we view diversity as more than just a country of origin, age, or race.  Diversity is about the blending of experience levels, cultures, talents, competencies, differing perspectives, and decision-making styles. We embrace a culture that respects unique differences and recognizes the perspectives of all our employees.

We encourage global communication between our employees because the best solutions are developed when people from a variety of backgrounds come together to build upon each other’s knowledge. Much like the blending of high-quality ingredients makes a superior chemical product, blending the unique skills and talents of a diverse workforce creates a superior chemical company.

Diversity in all its possibilities is valued at Chevron Phillips Chemical.  It is fundamental to the quality of our products and services, and is crucial to our continued success.


ICARE Principles
To transform our culture and make it more open and inclusive, Chevron Phillips Chemical has developed a set of principles to guide our behavior. These principles, endorsed by the Senior Leadership Team, are collectively known by the acronym – ICARE.

Inclusion – Assure everyone on the team is a part of the team; pertains to how we make decisions.
Cooperation – Help each other to succeed; relates to how we work together.
Accountability – Assure our own and others’ behaviors contribute to a positive, diversity-friendly workplace; pertains to how we manage our environment.
Respect – Treat others with dignity and consideration; relates to how we treat each other.
Everyday – Exhibit these behaviors in every encounter, every day.