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DEHA (N,N-diethylhydroxylamine), 85%

Consumer & Industrial Applications

Photoprocessing Chemicals: Used in photographic developer formulations, N, N-Diethyhydroxyamine (DEHA) is critical for quality color development in the photographic industry. It can also be used to remove residual photoresist residue from microelectronic components.

Fuels Applications

We manufacture a range of certified diesels and gasolines to support worldwide standards for the engine industry, oil additive suppliers, and auto manufacturers. Certified fuels are formulated to specific properties to provide the necessary consistency for various engine test protocols and development. Utilizing certified fuels reduces fuel variances that could affect the quality of various engine analyses.

Polymers and Rubber Applications

Polymer Modifier: We produce heavy mercaptans, such as DEHA 85%, which function as chain transfer agents in processes where control of molecular weight is critical.

Rubber Modifier: In addition to polymer modifiers, DEHA 85% can be used to convert rubber to more durable chemicals through vulcanization.

Water Treatment Applications

Di-ethyl hydroxylamine (85% & 98%) are used in water treatment formulations to control corrosion in boilers. DEHA has the property of oxygen scavenging, prevention of corrosion of steel and other metals. It is effective in removing dissolved oxygen thus slowing or eliminating corrosion. It can produce a protective oxide film on ferrous-based metals, thus offers enhanced corrosion protection. In boiler water systems (the vapor and liquid phase system). DEHA is considered a hydrazine replacement and is less toxic.



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