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DYNA-SEAL™ OBM Fiber is a proprietary micro-cellulosic fiber for use in seepage loss control and other lost circulation needs in oil base muds.

The product is available in ultra fine, fine or medium grades. DYNA-SEAL™ OBM Fiber, like our original seepage control material DYNARED™ fiber has the advantages of sealing off depleted zones without the excessive build up of wall cake and works in both oil based and water based drilling fluids.


  • May be mixed rapidly through the mud hopper
  • Does not require bypassing of most solids control equipment
  • Seals off depleted zones without excessive build up of wall cake
  • Does not need addition of a wetting agent to go into oil based fluids
  • Is not treated with a wetting agent so it may be used in water based fluids
  • Unlike competitive materials does not appreciably increase drilling fluid rheology
  • Does not readily degrade due to shear
  • Resistant to attack by bio-organisms
  • Works in drilling fluids of any pH
  • Compatible with other common lost circulation materials
  • The acid solubility is 45.6% in 15% HCl at 150 °F after a 4 hour soak
  • Does not appreciably reduce the ES of invert oil muds!
  • Thermal stability is 400 °F without use of oxygen scavengers
  • May be used in water base muds
  • Density for the ultra fine, fine and medium is 1.01 SG