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Drill-Well™ D210 Fluid Loss Additive

DRILL-WELL™ D210 Fluid Loss Additive (FLA) is a low cost polymeric fluid loss additive designed for reducing high temperature high pressure (HTHP) fluid loss in diesel, mineral and synthetic oil-based drilling fluids. DRILL-WELL™ D210 FLA is a white free flowing powder which is compatible with other commonly used materials in non-aqueous fluids.


  • Mixes easily
  • Reduces HTHP fluid loss
  • Improves rheological properties
  • More cost effective than most polymeric fluid loss additives
  • May be used in conjunction with other fluid loss additives such as amine treated lignite and Gilsonite®1
  • Compatible with other commonly used materials in non-aqueous fluids
  • Temperature stable up to ±149 °C (300 °F) with results depending on fluid conditions. Pilot testing is recommended.


DRILL-WELL™ D210 FLA is usually added in 1-4 ppb for HTHP control and may be mixed at the rig site or at the mud plant. The use of this additive can improve rheological properties such that other additives specifically used to prevent barite sag are reduced or eliminated all-together. If other rheological additives are to be added it is suggested that the fluid be pilot tested first for any compatibility issues that may arise.