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Our Initiatives


Sustainability has become a greater focus for companies in every industry, and for people all over the world.

To better understand these issues and how we could do our part, Chevron Phillips Chemical conducted interviews with employees, communities, industries, customers, governments and more.

In doing so, we hoped to accomplish several goals:

  • We wanted to gain insight into the social, environmental, governmental and regulatory issues facing the company.
  • We wanted to hear, collect and prioritize the sustainability concerns and expectations of everyone we interviewed.
  • We wanted to assess how our company allocates resources to ensure our approach was effective and impactful.
  • And we wanted ensure we met international best practices in corporate sustainability reporting.

The feedback we received was incredible. It reinforced our core values of safety, respect, integrity and performance. And it revealed areas in which we had room to grow, such as fresh water usage and the need to further diversify our talent pipeline. With all the interviews collected and studied, we were able to turn our insights into seven sustainability initiatives.


We track and work to reduce the emissions generated through the lifecycle of our products. This includes the sourcing and transportation of raw materials, generation during production, transportation to direct customers, and the use of the products through the end or renewal of their life.

​Integrity & Compliance

Compliance with financial, environmental and societal laws and regulations is a foundation of our identity. The integrity with which we meet our compliance obligations and the level of ethics we require of our employees, suppliers and customers ensure we maintain our license to operate.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our employees, contractors, neighbors and customers who are in our facilities is of paramount importance to us.

Resource Efficiency

We aim to reduce usage of all resources required to manufacture our products. This commitment includes implementing corporate practices to more efficiently use energy, water and raw materials, which affects the company’s environmental footprint, social contributions and profitability.

Product Responsibility

We consider and communicate the health, safety and environmental impacts of our products, including factors such as intended use, expected product lifetime, durability, reuse, recyclability and beneficial disposition.

Social Enrichment

We value our employees and communities by promoting local volunteerism and investments as well as emphasizing open communication and trusting relationships. Building a diverse workforce and inclusive company culture enables us to attract and retain highly qualified, diverse employees to fuel the innovation and creativity for a sustainable competitive advantage.

​​Economic Performance

The company’s driver for corporate sustainability is to provide value to our stakeholders.

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