Global Water Consumption Intensity
Trends Downward

The management and conservation of fresh water resources is critical to the sustainability of our business, our communities and our future. Last year’s global water consumption intensity
was at a 10-year low. An additional 10% improvement over 2017 is a significant improvement. We are committed to the ongoing development of technology and management practices that conserve and protect fresh water resources and the enhancement of water efficiency at our facilities.

Chevron Phillips Chemical Asia helps school build self-watering system

Our Chevron Phillips Chemical Asia facility sponsored a local school’s efforts to build a self-watering system.  Once completed, the portable water filter system will be installed in Lakeside Primary School’s herb and spice garden and vegetable plots. Upon success, the same portable water filter system will be connected to a community garden in a nearby neighborhood. Students at the school drew and designed books, some of which will be given to area kindergarten students to help educate them about the importance of conserving water. This created a recyclable fresh water intake structure for both the school and the surrounding areas, while at the same time educating students about water preservation. 

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