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The management and conservation of fresh water resources is critical to the sustainability of our business, our communities and our future.  At Chevron Phillips Chemical, we are committed to the ongoing development of management practices that conserve and protect fresh water resources, as well as enhancing water efficiency at our facilities.

Employees Volunteer Around the Globe to Improve Access to Clean Water
Access to drinking water is something many of us may take for granted; however, more than 840,000 people worldwide die each year from the effects of unsafe drinking water, sanitation issues and poor hygiene. Working with Living Water International, Chevron Phillips Chemical employees volunteered their time and expertise to help improve access to safe drinking water. The faith-based organization founded 25 years ago in Houston, Texas, partners with churches to help communities gain first-time access to clean water.














Fresh Water Intake
The water consumption data presented here is the sum of measured and estimated fresh water intake at all our facilities worldwide. This data does not include water that is returned to the source, or seawater that is used for cooling at our facilities in Singapore, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to help preserve fresh water resources. Much of the older data was primarily based on estimated use, whereas more recent information is based on improved technology for site-specific measurement and accounting of fresh water use to the extent practicable.