Product Practices in 2018
To stay connected to the needs of our customers and industry, we use a number of feedback mechanisms, ensuring continuous improvements in delivery of quality products and services to our customers. One of the concrete ways
we measure that is through the Mastio Customer Value and Loyalty Study, which gives our customers the opportunity to
rank their suppliers. Our results represent the hard work and passion of numerous people and staff groups in our company, from procurement and manufacturing to supply chain, logistics, technical support, sales and customer service.

As a matter of policy, we strive to manufacture, handle, transport and dispose of our chemical products in a safe, secure and environmentally responsible manner. In addition, we work with our customers, carriers, suppliers, distributors and contractors to encourage them to comply with our safety and environmental requirements and goals.

Chevron Phillips Chemical complies with applicable federal, state and local requirements for product quality and labeling and shares information on the health, safety and environmental impact of our products with customers and consumers. All commercial Chevron Phillips Chemical products are assessed against our OE System’s product stewardship guidelines. This process focuses on continuous recognition and mitigation of potential health, environment and safety risks. Annual reviews of associated hazard communication documents, transport options, customer feedback, regulatory and technical data are also completed by every product line.
We clearly communicate information on potential hazards to our customers, consumers and employees. Information is readily accessible via downloadable Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Product Stewardship Summaries on our corporate website –
Chevron Phillips Chemical provides timely information to improve understanding about the safety of our products and to assure that they provide their intended benefits while protecting human health and the ecosystem. We actively participate in common sense advocacy efforts, chemical testing programs and children’s health initiatives.
To ensure our customers’ right to privacy, we have internal controls as well as third-party audits, reducing the risk of unintended customer data loss. Our commitment to providing outstanding customer service has led to the development of customer satisfaction programs to ensure rapid response to concerns and complaints.

Regulatory Compliance

Chevron Phillips Chemical remains vigilant in its effort to comply with regulatory requirements throughout the world. Through our membership with the American Chemistry Council (ACC), we are able to keep up to date with existing and developing global chemical control laws, ensuring that our product lines continue to market without interruption.
Currently, there are 13 countries that have formal chemical control laws with which Chevron Phillips Chemical complies. Our REACH Compliance efforts required by the European Union for the third tier registration were completed in 2018. In the U.S., Chevron Phillips Chemical has been supportive of efforts to modernize the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), allowing for the regulatory certainty needed to help our industry innovate, grow, create jobs and win in the global marketplace. The company is poised to comply with amendments to TSCA.