​Plastics are a part of our daily life, and they are valuable. At Chevron Phillips Chemical, we care about the products we make and their proper disposal. It’s important for our employees, customers, communities and the next generation to know that plastics offer many sustainable advantages compared to other materials. We also want to educate people about what we’re doing to further our worldwide sustainability efforts.
That’s why we are launching the Product Ambassador Toolkit: Plastics and You. This set of materials includes one-page handouts tailored to U.S. and international audiences, designed to provide: 
  • Facts about the value plastics bring to modern society and their sustainability benefits
  • An overview of how Chevron Phillips Chemical is addressing issues like plastic in the ocean
  • Fun graphics to engage both adults and kids

We encourage you to share the materials in this toolkit with your friends, neighbors, children and other family members.

"Everyone agrees plastic waste does not belong in the environment," said Rick Wagner, Sustainability Policy and Program Manager. "People across the world are suggesting solutions to this problem. We need to listen to all solutions that our communities suggest and educate each other about the solutions plastics provide."
We will be expanding this toolkit to include translated materials, issues and facts about our chemicals products and more. If you have feedback or suggestions, please email sustainability@cpchem.com.