Jim BeckerSustainable solutions are the path forward

Sustainable growth is one of our core business imperatives at Chevron Phillips Chemical.  We have always been committed to creating sustainable solutions, and in 2018 we intensified this focus when we changed one of our four strategic pillars from Profitable Growth to Sustainable Growth.
Sustainability is a word that can have a variety of meanings. My decades of experience in the polymer industry and time spent living outside the U.S. have helped shape my perspective on sustainability. Our products deliver solutions that minimize resource demand and deliver social benefits while lowering greenhouse gas impact at lower costs. Plastic waste in the environment is a significant global issue that needs to be addressed, but we must also recognize the value plastics provide to society, from medical applications to keeping food fresh longer. At Chevron Phillips Chemical, we believe plastics are a sustainable solution and continue to provide these benefits, but we must ensure that they remain out of the environment where they do not belong.
Founding Member of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste
As a founding member of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, we have joined a global group of companies that will focus on tackling uncontrolled plastic waste through investments in waste infrastructure, innovation in sustainable plastic materials, education and awareness programs and cleanup efforts. This alliance builds on our efforts to find sustainable solutions, such as extending or renewing product life.
Increased Investment in Sustainability
We are continuously pursuing opportunities to support emerging technologies including the Materials Recovery For the Future (MRFF) pilot program, which aims to demonstrate the economic viability for recycling flexible plastic packaging. One of our joint ventures, Americas Styrenics, announced a joint venture with Agylix to operate a recycling center for post-consumer polystyrene products that converts them back into their original liquid form, styrene monomer, which will be used to make a circular polymer, PolyUsableTM.
Expanded Sustainability Team
As a company, we have put additional resources in place to support our long-term sustainability vision. In 2018, my executive responsibilities as vice president of polymers were broadened to include sustainability. We have also expanded our sustainability team which leads our research and technology efforts and helps to educate government officials, employees and the public worldwide about the value that our products provide and how we as an industry are addressing plastic waste.

As indicated by our company’s mission and trademark: Performance by design. Caring by choice.™, we want to create more value for our customers, for the communities we operate in and for our company while reducing our environmental footprint.  Sustainability is one of our top priorities and we believe we can proactively help the world advance the path forward to sustainable solutions.
Jim Becker
VP, Polymers and Sustainability