Integrity & ComplianceIntegrity & Compliance

Compliance with financial, environmental and societal laws and regulations is a foundation of our identity. The integrity with which we meet our compliance obligations and the level of ethics we require of our employees, suppliers and customers ensure that we maintain a license to operate.

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Core Values

Our core values – safety, respect, integrity and drive – are embodied in our Code of Conduct, which establishes the standards for ethical conduct and compliance with laws that apply to all of our employees. Our Code of Conduct reflects our core values and establishes the principles that guide our conduct.


  • Employees are required to complete annual training on the Code of Conduct and to certify their compliance with its standards or disclose any exceptions.
  • Those who violate the spirit or letter of our Code of Conduct are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of their employment.
  • We encourage reporting of suspected compliance violations up through our supervisory and organizational hierarchy or through internal human resource channels.
  • We investigate allegations of misconduct as appropriate in a timely manner.
  • We also maintain a 24/7 ethics and compliance hotline where employees, contractors, community members, and other stakeholders may report via telephone or online portal good faith concerns regarding potential ethical misconduct or violations of law or policy. Each report is handled with the seriousness and attention it deserves.

Continuous Improvement

As the global business landscape constantly evolves, our Ethics & Compliance Office seeks to continuously improve our policies, practices and training to adapt to the ever-changing regulatory and compliance environment.



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