Technical Service

Part of every MarTECH™ loop slurry process license is the assurance that Chevron Phillips Chemical is there every step of the way to promote safe, reliable and efficient operations.

Support for New Licensees 

A new Chevron Phillips Chemical MarTECH™ licensee will begin the journey with a tailored process design package prepared by expert scientists and engineers to meet the licensee specifications. Additionally, the technical manual detailing more than 50 years of research and development helps to bring the licensee up to speed with the technology. Process experts support all stages of design and engineering.

Chevron Phillips Chemical provides operations and product training to licensee representatives, passing on generations of technical, operating and product experience. During the construction phase, Chevron Phillips Chemical experts conduct a plant inspection to help identify and resolve issues. During the commissioning and start-up phase, the Chevron Phillips Chemical team is on site supporting the licensee to achieve a safe and successful start-up.

Polyethylene Information Exchange Program

Licensees have greatly valued and actively participated in the unique Chevron Phillips Chemical Polyethylene Information Exchange program. This program provides the opportunity for licensees to learn the latest commercial developments and technological improvements available in the MarTECH™ loop slurry process. Every two years, Chevron Phillips Chemical hosts an Information Exchange Meeting (IEM) where active licensees and Chevron Phillips Chemical manufacturing, research and technology personnel gather to discuss and share the latest commercial developments and technological improvements. A typical IEM has more than 100 participants and vendors.

Other benefits of participating in the Information Exchange program include:

  • The ability to access Chevron Phillips Chemical subject matter experts through ongoing correspondence and on-site support as needed
  • Improved operations through open sharing of best practices 
  • Process improvement reports developed by Chevron Phillips Chemical and other licensees that are applicable to existing plants 
  • The latest product improvements which allow licensees to improve margins through enhanced physical properties and better processing
  • Access to commercially new and exciting products.

MarTECH™ process licensees have the industry’s most advanced technology when building a MarTECH™ technology loop slurry facility. With the Information Exchange program, they are able to stay at the leading edge of technology for the future.