MarTECH® Technology

When Chevron Phillips Chemical’s breakthrough loop slurry process was formally introduced in 1961, it immediately revolutionized the production of high-density polyethylene.  Today we are a world leader in polyethylene production and licensing, with more than 1,000 related patents and more than 80 licensed plants in 20 countries.

Chevron Phillips Chemical: The Original Inventor of the MarTECH™ Loop Slurry Process

The MarTECH™ loop slurry process, licensed by Chevron Phillips Chemical, is the world’s premiere process for the manufacture of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Meeting customer demands with low costs, high efficiency, and a broad portfolio of polyethylene (PE) products for more than 50 years, the MarTECH™ loop slurry process remains one of the most versatile and profitable polyethylene producing processes in the industry.

Continuous Improvement 

Chevron Phillips Chemical MarTECH™ loop slurry technology is the result of relentless focus on innovation. This cutting-edge technology achieves some of the widest product flexibility and largest world-scale facilities. Chevron Phillips Chemical works directly with licensees to identify opportunities for further technology improvements and cost savings. That is why, year after year, Chevron Phillips Chemical continues to be an industry leader in innovation.