In 1951, research chemists Paul Hogan and Robert Banks were working to improve yields of high-octane gasoline when they serendipitously invented two of the world’s most essential plastics - polypropylene and high-density polyethylene. From that initial discovery, came the development of the first commercially feasible polymerization process.

Today, Chevron Phillips Chemical research and development teams continue to develop more cost-effective ways to manufacture polyethylene. In the past ten years, the company’s scientists and engineers have implemented more than 100 separate improvements which have led to increased production, improved economy-of-scale due to major increases in the maximum reactor size, and significant decreases in the amount of energy and feedstock consumption required per pound of polymer. 


1951​ Discovery of high density polyethylene (HDPE) chrome catalyst​
1956 Developed solution process for HDPE
1961 Commercialized loop slurry process for HDPE
1978 Developed Ziegler-type catalysts
1987​ Robert Banks and Paul Hogan received the Perkin Medal for their ground-breaking catalyst and process work that ushered in the era of polypropylene (PP) and HDPE​
1990 First commercial production of low density linear polyethylene (LDLPE) in a loop. Based on in-situ hexene technology, LDLPE yields exceptional impact resistance and easier film processing
1996 Introduced mLLDPE as mPact® metallocene-based polyethylene which can be made into one of the clearest, toughest films in the world
1997 Discovered a new, low cost way of activating metallocenes
2000 Formation of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP from the chemicals and plastics divisions of Phillips Petroleum and Chevron Corporation
2003 Commissioned 320 KMTA single-train MarTECH™ technology SL unit in Texas, USA
  2008 Hosted largest PE Information Exchange meeting in history with more than 140 attendees
  2010​ Signed cross-license agreement with Total, making Chevron Phillips Chemical the exclusive licensor of the Advanced Dual Loop (ADL) technology
  2012​ Commissioned two 550 KMTA MarTECH™ technology loop slurry units, the largest HDPE reactors in the world
  2013​ Announced plans for two 500 KMTA polyethylene units in Old Ocean, Texas incorporating metallocene and ADL technologies
  2014​ Chevron Phillips Chemical announced the use of the MarTECH™ trademark for its loop slurry technology