Advantages available in Chevron Phillips Chemical’s breakthrough MarTECHTM loop slurry process today include low cost world-scale reactor designs, efficient and reliable operations, proprietary catalysts, and one of the widest ranges of polyethylene products.  The worldwide reputation and the exceptional resin margins produced by our technology give licensees a global advantage.

Low Capital Costs

Competing technologies require more complicated processes and techniques, increasing the cost to build and operate a facility.  The MarTECH™ process benefits from a simpler design that allows for fast and less expensive construction, as well as more simple and more reliable operation. 

Over the past two decades, a concerted engineering effort has allowed Chevron Phillips Chemical to reduce process complexity of the plant design. These innovations have helped reduce the capital cost of construction by nearly 50% compared to earlier designs.

Low Operating Costs 

The MarTECH™ loop slurry process is inherently efficient and reliable compared to alternative technologies due to the simplicity of its design. Efforts to simplify the process flow and reduce rotating equipment have both reduced cost and improved reliability, making the MarTECH™ loop slurry process a clear choice for trouble free operation.

The MarTECH™ loop slurry process owes its extraordinary efficiency to three main features:

  • High On-stream Factor – The MarTECH™ loop slurry process plants have demonstrated on-stream factors of 98% and higher on an annual basis.
  • Operational Consistency – The MarTECH™ loop slurry process offers efficient reaction heat removal that allows for uniform reactor temperature control within a very tight range. Many competing technologies struggle with non-uniform reactor temperature which can lead to formation of chunks and product quality variation.
  • Quick Product Transitions – The MarTECH™ loop slurry process can transition between resins faster than competitive processes due to proprietary catalyst and process designs, with typical transition times as short as three to six hours.

The current generation of loop slurry plants is a cumulative result of more than 50 years of scientific discovery and engineering design. In the past 20 years, Chevron Phillips Chemical scientists and engineers seeking to reduce capital and operating cost have made more than 100 design and mechanical improvements.

Globally Recognized Products/Higher Profitability

The Chevron Phillips Chemical MarTECH™ loop slurry process is capable of producing one of the widest ranges of polyethylene products, from a variety of catalyst types. Each type of polymer offers its unique characteristics and end-use advantages.

Resins made with the MarTECH™ loop slurry technology are the benchmark for high quality in many industries and often command a premium over competing products.  Resins from the MarTECH™ process are the overwhelming choice for liquid food containers, household and industrial chemical (HIC) containers, pipe, geomembranes, industrial drums and many other large-scale applications. Polyethylene resins made from the MarTECH™ loop slurry technology account for more than 20% of worldwide HDPE. Due to this wide acceptance, MarTECH™ process facilities have enjoyed among the highest margins year after year.