Chevron Phillips Chemical’s worldwide operations are supported with the latest technological advances and process improvements by the efforts of our research and development personnel. Chevron Phillips Chemical continues to build on a long history of scientific discoveries. From the invention of a modern-day plastic in the 1950s to our proprietary MarTECHTM loop slurry process for high-density polyethylene production, Chevron Phillips Chemical’s advancements in research and development have had a profound effect on the way the commodity chemical industry helps improve people's lives. 

Scientists, researchers and engineers, housed at our two research and development centers, are focused on innovation and invention. Throughout the company, we are developing revolutionary new products, processes and technologies that improve the petrochemicals and plastics that are essential to our quality of life. We are committed to finding better ways to reduce capital costs, operating costs, and environmental emissions, as well as improve safety performance.

Technology Services & Activities

  • Chevron Phillips Chemical provides comprehensive petrochemical and polymer research, including new catalyst development, product and process development and commercial support.
  • We conduct a full range of research activities including laboratory/bench & pilot scale experimentation, analytical & mechanical testing, patent support, and technical service support for customers worldwide.
  • Our state-of-the-art Plastics Technical Center is used for molding and extruding polymer and copolymer resins.

Technological Achievements & Proprietary Technology

  • Chevron Phillips Chemical currently holds more than 2,500 patents and patent applications.
  • The proprietary Chevron Phillips Chemical MarTECHTM loop slurry process for polyethylene production is one of the most widely licensed processes in the world.
  • Our Aromax® technology is the lowest cost process for on-purpose production of benzene.
  • Other technological achievements and proprietary technology include: on-purpose 1-hexene technology, proprietary primary normal alpha olefin (NAO) technology, tapering technology for methyl mercaptan process and technology, Aromax® catalyst and process, first and second generation functional drilling fluids, and polyalphaolefin stability and low temperature performance enhancements.

Research and Development Centers

  • Bartlesville, OK
  • Kingwood, TX