Terry Truitt speaks with ICIS on benefits of synthetic waxes

Normal Alpha Olefins Account Manager Terry Truitt spoke with ICIS for an article titled, “U.S. paraffin wax market holds steady,” discussing how synthetic waxes pose a viable alternative to their paraffinic counterpart. Truitt spoke with the publication as part of its coverage of the annual International Petrochemical Conference by the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers. At a time when supply and demand is changing for the building blocks used to produce U.S. paraffin waxes, their synthetic alternative offers the same level of versatility, quality and reliable supply, Truitt explained.
ICIS wrote, “Product quality, [Truitt] adds, is really a matter of ensuring the wax used is suitable for the individual application, with treatment and filtering ensuring low levels of impurity. ‘Companies usually have their own standards to back up industry standards and by and large determine the quality levels of the products they purchase.’”
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