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Chevron Phillips Chemical Announces MOGoil GmbH as Russia Distributor for Synfluid® Polyalphaolefin Products February 18, 2014
  Chevron Phillips Chemicals International N.V. has named MOGoil GmbH an official distributor for high and low viscosity Synfluid® polyalphaolefins (PAO) in Russia.
Ryton® PPS Introduces X Line of PPS alloys December 02, 2013
  Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP has announced that its Xtel® polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) alloy products will now be marketed under the Ryton® PPS brand name as XE or XK PPS alloys.
Chevron Phillips Chemical Donates Resin for 30,000 Children’s Toys December 11, 2012
  Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP today announced a donation of 12,000 pounds of polyethylene resin to the Detroit Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) to make toys for more than 30,000 needy children in the state of Michigan.
Performance Pipe Completes Modernization Investment: Prepares for new capital projects beginning 2013 November 29, 2012
  Performance Pipe, the largest polyethylene (PE) pressure pipe manufacturer in North America, has recently invested more than $30 million in major capital improvements across the U.S.
Ryton® PPS Celebrates 40 Years November 07, 2012
  Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP is pleased to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ryton® PPS by announcing improved production from the company’s newest PPS plant located in Borger, Texas.
Chevron Phillips Chemical Announces New Synfluid® mPAOs February 15, 2011
  Chevron Phillips Chemical will begin producing Synfluid® 40 cSt and 100 cSt high viscosity metallocene polyalphaolefins (mPAOs).
Chevron Phillips Chemical Puts the “Plus” in Normal Alpha Olefins August 05, 2010
  Chevron Phillips Chemical will begin marketing its normal alpha olefins line of products under the trademark AlphaPlus® NAO.
Performance Pipe Introduces Autocoiled Packaging for Natural Gas Tubing June 03, 2010
  Performance Pipe is now offering its ½”, ¾” and 1” coils of natural gas tubing in stretch-wrapped autocoils. Historically this tubing has been banded.
K-Resin SBC KR05 Makes a Clear Difference in Food Packaging at InnoWare September 29, 2009
  As a leading manufacturer of distinctive, high quality foodservice containers and paper tableware items, InnoWare, Inc. takes pride in producing top notch products that meet their customers' needs.
Chevron Phillips Chemical Debuts New PPS Grades Featuring Low Chlorine Content for Electronic/Electrical Applications July 22, 2009
  With low halogen content standards becoming commonplace in the electronics industry, Chevron Phillips Chemical is introducing several new Ryton® polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) resin grades with chlorine content of less than 900 parts per million.
Chevron Phillips Chemical Introduces New Fiber Resins July 15, 2009
  With three new fiber resins, Chevron Phillips Chemical is providing quality products to monofilament, multifilament, and staple fiber producers.
Chevron Phillips Chemical Offers a PPS Resin for Nearly Every Application July 09, 2009
  With the completion of a new 10,000 metric ton per year PPS plant in Borger, Texas, Chevron Phillips Chemical offers the widest array of PPS polymer types and the world’s largest PPS capacity available in the plastics industry.
K-Resin® SBC KR52 Accomplishes More with Less June 15, 2009
  With more shelf impact, more application benefits, and less hassle, K-Resin® SBC KR52 provides multiple benefits in yield, printability, and blend capability over other shrink film materials.
Americhem Selected as TrackTek® Racing Fuel Distributor in Midwest May 26, 2009
  Chevron Phillips Chemical selected Americhem Sales Corporation to be its distributor for TrackTek® racing fuels in Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio.
New Mining Chemicals Laboratory Offers Technical Support to Customers April 27, 2009
  Centrally located to mines in the Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico areas, a new Mining Chemicals office and laboratory handles orders, customer service, in-house testing, and, as needed, offsite support to existing and potential customers.
Performance Pipe: the Preferred Solution for Important Projects November 14, 2008
  On Wednesday, October 29, the Guttenberg Press reported the failure of a 12-inch fused PVC pipeline located near Guttenberg, Iowa. The decision was made to complete that portion of the project with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe.
Chevron Phillips Chemical Adds New Blow Molding Machine September 09, 2008
  Chevron Phillips Chemical recently added new processing equipment to its Plastics Technical Center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, to provide customers with additional technical service opportunities.
Chevron Phillips Chemical Offers New Marlex® Polyethylene Resins for Rotomolding May 15, 2008
  Chevron Phillips Chemical's new line of polyethylene rotomolding resins range in density and flow characteristics and feature a new additive blend complete with antioxidants and ultra-violet stabilizers.
Film resins offer aesthetic appeal and flexibility for variety of applications May 14, 2008
  What makes food in the supermarket catch your eye? K-Resin® styrene butadiene copolymer (SBC) film resins are often responsible for your double-take.