Customers Win with Chevron Phillips Chemical

Experts say that the price and quality of your products only get you into the game - customer service wins the game.  So how does Chevron Phillips Chemical maintain its winning record?

Two words: our people. Chevron Phillips Chemical’s customer account coordinators are passionate. They are committed to providing the highest level of service to customers, and they are relentless in seeking answers to quickly and accurately respond to customer needs. In order to provide guidance to customers, Chevron Phillips Chemical’s customer account coordinators are organized into market teams based on their product and application specialization. Over time, our customer account coordinators not only learn more about the myriad applications of our products; they also develop valuable, long-term relationships with our customers.

“Our business model is based on repeat business,” said Donald Hays, supply chain manager for Chevron Phillips Chemical’s olefins and polyolefins division. “It is crucial for us to build good working relationships with all our contacts, whether they are customers, vendors, service providers or others,” he said. “We take pride in our work, and we enjoy taking care of, and getting to know, our customers.”

This means being available whenever a customer need arises. Chevron Phillips Chemical provides 24/7/365 service to its customers. Calls received after traditional business hours are routed to a designated “live body” who is equipped to handle customer issues. It is not uncommon for customer account coordinators to log-in to Chevron Phillips Chemical’s systems from restaurant parking lots, from their living rooms, or from other off-the-job locations to resolve issues and meet customers’ needs.

“We also look for ways to prevent issues,” Hays said. “For example, we service a large customer with facilities in multiple locations. A few locations would routinely call over the weekend to make adjustments to their deliveries scheduled for Monday or Tuesday. When this scenario became repetitious, the customer account coordinator proactively assembled a report of scheduled deliveries for their review on Thursdays. By working with them ahead of time, any necessary changes were easily handled, resulting in less stress and better service for both parties.”

Quality customer service depends on more than a company’s customer account coordinators. As a result, Chevron Phillips Chemical’s integrated supply chain seamlessly connects all relevant groups for optimal customer service. From production schedulers to plant operators and sales representatives to logistics specialists, our team works diligently to ensure everyone is working to exceed customer expectations. That’s why Chevron Phillips Chemical’s customers know that a reliable supply of quality products will be delivered on time, every time.

“We know that in competitive markets, customers have a choice in suppliers,” said Mike Hutzler, customer service manager for Chevron Phillips Chemical’s specialties, aromatics, and styrenics division. “We [as customer service professionals] want to be one of the many reasons that a customer chooses Chevron Phillips Chemical.”