Chevron Phillips Chemical’s Sweeny Plant Donates $100,000 to Wharton County Junior College

SWEENY, TEXAS (July 24, 2013) – Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP’s (Chevron Phillips Chemical) Sweeny Complex is pleased to announce it will donate $100,000 to Wharton County Junior College (WCJC) to purchase a state-of-the-art lab distillation training skid for WCJC’s Process Technology Department. 
As the Chevron Phillips Chemical Sweeny Complex moves forward with its multi-billion dollar expansion project, there is a growing need for a highly-qualified and trained workforce to fill the anticipated jobs in addition to the large population of positions that will become available due to the retiring population. “Growth and retirements are creating good paying jobs. Individuals with a Process Technology Certification are key to filling those positions and sustaining the industry and Chevron Phillips Chemical,” said Wayne McDowell, Sweeny plant manager.
The distillation column is a vital part of the learning process for students who are planning a career in the chemical industry.  This lab will allow professors to create lesson plans around real-life scenarios of temperature and pressure relationships one may encounter in a chemical plant and test students’ knowledge and capabilities. This distillation lab will give students the invaluable opportunity to get hands-on training which is essential to job market competition and gaining employment.
In addition to the donation, the Chevron Phillips Chemical Sweeny Complex awards yearly scholarships to students enrolled in the process technology program and also offers a co-op program which allows students the unique opportunity to gain on-the-job training.
“This donation is a great opportunity for Chevron Phillips Chemical to enhance our participation in the curriculum of WCJC’s Process Technology Department,” said John Carlson, Sweeny’s technical manager and member of the Wharton County Junior College Process Technology Advisory Board.

About Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
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