Beyond the Bottom Line

Chevron Phillips Chemical’s Impact to Your Community

Imagine that a sign recently popped up in a vacant lot somewhere in your community. The sign says, “coming soon: Chevron Phillips Chemical.” What would it mean to you? As a world-class supplier of commodity chemicals and polymers, Chevron Phillips Chemical has offices, research facilities and manufacturing plants in more than 35 communities in nine countries around the world. In each of these communities, the company strives to maintain beneficial relationships with neighbors, local government and non-profit organizations. It’s all part of our commitment to being a valued part of the community. So, what is it like to have Chevron Phillips Chemical as your neighbor?

The most immediate effect is that you or someone you know might become one of 4,600 full-time employees or one of several thousand contract employees hired to work at a Chevron Phillips Chemical facility or office. If so, you’ll be paid competitively, and the infusion of competitive compensation and health benefits paid to you and others in your community will likely have a vitalizing effect on local business. That’s the most noticeable effect of having Chevron Phillips Chemical as your neighbor – but there’s more.

Another impact of having a world-class manufacturing plant in your community is an increase in tax revenue. In the state of Texas last year, Chevron Phillips Chemical paid $13 million the state in sales/use tax and another $2.5 million in state franchise taxes. In some communities, Chevron Phillips Chemical provides more than $1.5 million per year in tax revenue to local government and the local school district. As a result, you’ll notice improved city infrastructure and other city-wide initiatives and programs. Your children will also notice a difference. Schools use tax revenue funds to pay salaries and to purchase computers, books, playground equipment and other educational supplies. In short, your child will get a better education due to an infusion of tax revenue. That’s what it’s like to have Chevron Phillips Chemical in your community.

But the company’s commitment to education goes far beyond taxes. Last year, Chevron Phillips Chemical donated more than $270,000 in scholarship funds. So, if you’re a Chevron Phillips Chemical employee, your high school-aged children might find it much easier to afford a college education.

The company also wants universities across the country to have tools that provide a solid education for those who study there. That’s why Chevron Phillips Chemical donated more than $300,000 in grants to colleges and universities last year. The company also contributes to local education initiatives like the Cynthia Woods Pavilion Education Program, which benefits performing arts education, and the Education for Tomorrow Alliance. Chevron Phillips Chemical also supports Junior Achievement, both financially and through employee volunteerism. That means that your child might be taught by a Chevron Phillips Chemical manager who will share his or her real-world experience to complement classroom lessons. All told, Chevron Phillips Chemical provides more than $650,000 in financial support for educational initiatives each year. That’s also what it’s like to have Chevron Phillips Chemical as your neighbor.

But the impact goes even further than that. The company’s presence in your community will affect your natural environment as well as the local business environment. Since its inception, Chevron Phillips Chemical has reduced greenhouse gas intensity by 20 percent in the U.S. and total emissions have been reduced by 22 percent during the same period. Nitrogen Oxide (No2) emissions are also down by 29 percent. Those metrics are the hallmark of a company that is committed to environmental stewardship. In fact, the company has a record of supporting local community initiatives that protect and preserve the environment. Our contributions to the Armand Bayou Nature Center in Pasadena, Texas, for example, have helped preserve the Texas Gulf Coast’s wetlands, forest and marsh habitats. At the company’s Cedar Bayou Plant in Baytown, Texas, Chevron Phillips Chemical recently sponsored a state-recognized program to teach community children fish ecology and anatomy, sportsmanship, bird biology and behavior, and how to use microscopes and computer labs. The effect is that Chevron Phillips Chemical uses resources to make a positive impact, both on the natural environment, and on educating people in your community to be better stewards of nature. That’s what it’s like to have Chevron Phillips Chemical as your neighbor.

There are times, however, when communities need more extraordinary help – and Chevron Phillips Chemical also answers that call. During 2008, in the wake of destruction caused by Hurricane Ike, Chevron Phillips Chemical’s corporate office immediately donated $25,000 to fund the American Red Cross’ hurricane relief efforts. But we didn’t stop there. As in years past, employees in communities affected by the hurricane donated their time, money and skills to help their neighbors and restore their neighborhoods. If you live in Baytown, Texas, for example, you could have received ice donations to save your food from going bad. If you are a resident of Port Arthur or Orange, Texas, your children benefitted from supplies that Chevron Phillips Chemical plants donated to help local schools recover and re-open their doors. If you are a resident of Pasadena, Texas, Chevron Phillips Chemical employees might have cleared trees from your yard or fixed the broken fencing around your property.

At Chevron Phillips Chemical, we understand that real benefits can be gained by establishing effective relationships with our local communities – and that is why we encourage our employees to make an impact. Since the company’s inception, Chevron Phillips Chemical has invested more than $8 million (and countless volunteer hours) in communities where we live and work. Our financial contributions, employee volunteerism and community support efforts demonstrate Chevron Phillips Chemical’s impact on its communities. So what is it like to have Chevron Phillips Chemical in your community? It’s like having a neighbor who never stops Advancing Formulas for Life®.