Advancing Formulas for Environmental Leadership

Chevron Phillips Chemical is committed to being a global, best-in-class supplier of quality plastics and chemicals while demonstrating responsible environmental stewardship. The Company is focused on finding ways to improve processes to minimize waste, conserve energy and protect our natural resources.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our manufacturing operations and to enhance the sustainability of our products, the Company is continually updating our operational excellence management systems to reflect new technology and proven procedures. The results are promising. Since 2001, Chevron Phillips Chemical has reduced its greenhouse gas intensity by 21 percent in the U.S. Total emissions have been reduced by 22 percent during the same period and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions are down by 36 percent. 

In addition to making year-over-year improvements in air quality, Chevron Phillips Chemical also funds chemical industry research focused on developing innovative technologies that promise greater emissions reduction. To make a meaningful contribution to reducing greenhouse gas production, emerging technologies must be cost-effective and practical for our world-scale operations.

In 2007, Chevron Phillips Chemical adopted a Corporate Sustainability Statement, which outlines the company’s commitment to the pursuit of sustainable manufacturing processes and sustainable products.
We also reward top-notch environmental performance within our company. Each year, Chevron Phillips Chemical CEO Greg Garland recognizes the best-performing manufacturing facility by awarding the President’s Environmental Harmony Award for environmental excellence.

We additionally participate in environmental best-practice sharing with industry peers and we encourage our employees to embrace an environmentally-responsible lifestyle.

Chevron Phillips Chemical has a record of supporting local community initiatives that protect and preserve the environment. Our contributions to the Armand Bayou Nature Center in Pasadena, Texas, for example, have helped preserve the Texas Gulf Coast’s wetlands, forest and marsh habitats.  

Globally, and for the second consecutive year, Chevron Phillips Chemical’s S-Chem joint venture facility in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, has earned the First Place Award for Environmental Performance from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Royal Commission. The award is presented to companies that demonstrate progressive environmental policy and an enduring commitment to environmental stewardship.

Also, another Chevron Phillips Chemical joint venture operation, the Q-Chem facility in Messaied, Qatar, was honored in 2007 with the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) Prize for the Best Environmental Activities Program, which recognizes organizations for exceptional environmental stewardship.

In keeping with these efforts, here are a few ways that Chevron Phillips Chemical is continuing its commitment to environmental leadership at facilities worldwide:

  • Conducting recycling programs that include paper, cardboard, batteries and other goods
  • Participation in community environmental programs and events
  • Plant energy efficiency projects
  • Community education programs
  • Implementing process changes that result in waste reduction

Taken together, these projects enable the Company to operate in responsible ways that minimize or avoid impact to the environment.

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