At Chevron Phillips Chemical, we embrace our responsibilities as a leading corporate citizen. That’s why every day we are focused on growing a business that is sustainable for our employees, customers, communities and owners. To us, sustainability means keeping the health and safety of our workforce paramount in our daily operations, being a responsible steward of the environment, creating the chemical building blocks for products that will advance society and exceed customer expectations, and acting responsibly and ethically across our global business dealings.

Starting in 2014, Chevron Phillips Chemical conducted an assessment with internal and external stakeholders to understand what sustainability issues are most important to our success and most pressing to them. We gathered feedback from our employees, communities, industry, customers and owners as well as governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) relevant to our business.

Their feedback reinforced to us that our core values of safety, mutual respect, integrity and performance are equally important to people across our value chain. At the same time, it was eye opening in many ways. It revealed challenges in varying areas of our business that we must address to achieve sustainable growth, such as our fresh water usage and the need to further diversify our talent pipeline. Ultimately, we distilled the feedback into seven sustainability issues that will be our focus moving forward: Health & Safety, Resource Efficiency, Emissions, Integrity & Compliance, Product Stewardship, Society Enrichment and Economic Performance.

To be a trusted petrochemical leader requires open communication and active engagement. In our latest report, we demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the environment, to our communities and to our stakeholders. This report provides transparency for you to judge our efforts to continuously improve the sustainability of our operations, including how we operate and where we are headed.
We welcome your feedback. Read the 2016 Sustainability Report.
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