From milk jugs and detergent bottles, to produce bags and cereal liners, plastics help make everyday life more convenient.

Many plastic containers and packages can be disposed of via curbside recycling, but did you know plastic films are recyclable, too? Using the store drop-off program available at thousands of grocers and retail stores throughout the U.S. and Canada, plastic films can be recycled for use in future goods like composite lumber used in decking or post-consumer resin used to make pallets, crates, bags and more.

Check out the videos below to learn more about how to identify plastic films around your home and help double film recycling by 2020.

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Part 1: Plastic Films & Everyday Life

Plastic films are all around us, helping to keep food fresher, clothes protected and making items easier to carry.   

Part 2: Plastic Film Recycling at Home

Print your own copy of the film recycling guide and collect your clean, dry plastic bags and films found at home by for future recycling!

Part 3: Plastic Film Recycling Drop-off

Find your nearest recycling drop off location and deposit your plastic recyclable films during your next shopping trip.

To see the complete film recycling video with all 3 parts combined, click here.