Community Sponsorships

At Chevron Phillips Chemical, we believe that real benefits can be gained by establishing effective relationships in our communities. That is why the corporation donates funds to worthy causes and we encourage employees to similarly make a positive impact. Since the company’s inception, Chevron Phillips Chemical has invested more than $15 million (and countless volunteer hours) in communities where we live and work. In all, we recognize that establishing sound partnerships with our neighbors – in our international, national, and local communities – provides for a lasting relationship built on trust and goodwill.

Goals of company support and involvement:

  1. Preserve and strengthen the economy and our economic system, and encourage private enterprise and individual initiative
  2. Promote a healthy community environment – including viable civic, cultural, educational, health and human service institutions and undertakings
  3. Enhance international understanding and cooperation
  4. Assist colleges and universities that contribute to the success of the company
  5. Encourage educational excellence and promote a favorable educational environment
  6. Assist in recruiting well-qualified personnel and encourage increased student enrollment in science, engineering and other disciplines related to the company's interest.
  7. Promote basic research related to the various interests of the company and the community
  8. Promote educational opportunities for women and minorities in professional disciplines utilized by the chemical industry.

These guidelines cover community investments made to charitable organizations, colleges, universities, education-related organizations, and public-service groups.