Business Continuity


Chevron Phillips Chemical has in place a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) designed to facilitate orderly resumption of normal business operations and functions following any event that impacts or potentially impacts business operations.


The Business Continuity Plan endeavors to advance the following objectives:

  • Enable the company to satisfy business obligations to employees, customers, and other business associations and communities throughout the business continuity event and related recovery processes.
  • Provide the company with viable and well-maintained plans to support a timely and effective recovery of interrupted operations.
  • Minimize adverse impacts to the company as a result of an interruption of normal business operations.
  • Mitigate the effects of an interruption on the company’s time-sensitive business operations and functions by providing a set of pre-defined and flexible guidelines and procedures to be used in managing recovery processes.
  • Resume time-sensitive business operations and associated support functions to ensure business continuity, stability of earnings and planned growth.
  • Resume technology operations and support for time-sensitive business functions, in the event existing technology processing has been rendered inoperable.


The scope of the BCP includes time-sensitive business and manufacturing functions, automated technology, and support areas of Chevron Phillips Chemical. The plan will be activated in the event that the company is involved in a qualifying emergency that affects or potentially affects normal operations.


Quality assurance process:

  • Review existing processes, develop exercise and planning scenarios involving the Business Continuity Steering Committee, evaluate results, and modify plans accordingly.
  • Submit annual Letters of Representation by business unit representatives attesting to BCP Plans.