• Startex

    Startex, South Carolina

    The Startex plant began its operations in September 1979 under Phillips Driscopipe, producing HDPE pipe. The initial product mix was gas and industrial. The current product mix is M&I, oil patch, and conduit. The Startex facility became a part of Performance Pipe after the formation of the Chevron Phillips Chemical joint venture. The facility is located on 30 acres of land in the northern region of South Carolina.  The Startex facility is less than a mile from Interstate 85.

    Products Produced

    High density polyethylene DriscoPlex® - Gravity flow and pressure pipe systems designed for landfill, coal bed, natural gas gathering, underground gas distribution, pressure pipe systems, water and wastewater distribution pressure pipe systems, process piping, slurry and tailings lines in the mining industry, underground municipal, and industrial fire/water distribution systems throughout North America.

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