• St.James

    St. James, Louisiana

    Founded in 2007, Americas Styrenics LLC is a combination of the second largest polystyrene producer and the third largest styrene producer in the Americas through a 50/50 joint venture with Trinseo.
    For more information on Americas Styrenics' Joliet facility, go to http://www.amstyrenics.com/facilities/st-james-louisiana

    Products Produced

    Styrene Monomer - Aromatic monomer produced from benzene and ethylene and used as a feedstock for polysytrene production. Also used to produce a wide variety of polymers with very diverse end-uses that include packaging, automotive applications, electronic parts, rubber products, paper housewares, construction materials, carpeting and toys.

    Contact Information

    Americas Styrenics
    9901 Highway 18
    P.O. Box 78
    St. James, LA 70086

    Phone: (225) 746-5500
    Fax: (225) 746-5711

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